Retractable Pool Enclosure That Deploys Very Quickly

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With stunning curves, a unique nested design and a solar powered motor, N-CLOSURE pool enclosure system can cover (or uncover) one module of your pool at a time or entirely. It can be handled easily and by just one person.


Made of thick aluminum thermocoated and alveolar anti-UV polycarbonate for the roof and transparent polycarbonate on the sides. It’s strong enough to protect your pool from weather and debris, despite being stylish and lightweight.


Integrated ventilation canal limits and evacuates the condensation. Sealing between the panels and the plates ensures excellent water tightness. N-CLOSURE pool enclosure deploys extremely quickly.


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N-CLOSURE customizable pool enclosure

Fully Cover Or Uncover Your Pool

The N-CLOSURE pool enclosure offers all the benefits of a pool cover with added features for enhanced comfort and convenience. It allows for comfortable swimming underneath, and handling it is very easy. 
Unlike typical above the ground pool covers, it boasts corner reinforcement brackets made from extruded aluminum, ensuring durability. The attachments are crafted from stainless steel and aluminum, avoiding the use of plastic and rivets for a sleeker design. It also enhances pool cleanliness and features a clip-on joint profile that simplifies installation and allows easy replacement of polycarbonate sheets if needed. Each vault of the pool enclosure can span a maximum width of 6.88 feet, accommodating various pool sizes.
N-CLOSURE pool enclosure fully open
N-CLOSURE pool enclosure fully closed
N-CLOSURE pool protection
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  • Available in 3 different dimensions: 3 vaults, 4 vaults and 5 vaults.
  • Independent opening and modules to partially or fully uncover the pool
  • Very easy to handle: the pool enclosure panels slide and interlock effortlessly
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  • Ideal compromise that combines comfortable swimming with pleasing aesthetics
  • The frame cover saves space and ensures better sealing
  • Raises the water temperature by 12.6°F
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  • All the benefits of a pool enclosure that integrates seamlessly with the surroundings
  • The vault beams provide improved safety and fold up at one end of the pool
  • Resistant to snow weight of 9.2 psf + winds of 62 mph in compliance with the NF P90-309 standard
N-CLOSURE pool enclosure installed on the residential deck


• Manual system with rail

• UV-treated polycarbonate

• Qualicoat qualimarine powder-coated

• Aluminum structure

• Anthracite gray ral 7016

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Various options that can be added to your pool enclosure:

• Transparent roof

• Rail with easy-block system on each vault

• Rail cover

• Access door

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