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Automatic Pool Cover


The exclusive and patented Coverseal system offers a unique mechanism that allows the membrane to unroll and lock thanks to an extra-flat and very discreet rail.
The membrane has been developed to be highly resistant to UV rays, extreme weather conditions, and conforms to the most demanding standards. It will remain perfectly taut throughout the years for a unique aesthetic finish and incomparable safety (no toes caught, walkable).


One of the many benefits of the Coverseal covers is the optimization of the occupied area both during the summer and the winter period.
Unlike other all seasons products such as, for example, pool shelters, the clearance area is greatly reduced.
The ease and speed of opening are also important assets of this unique cover due to its performance.


Securing or covering your pool does not always go hand in hand with elegance.

The Coverseal pool covers have been developed with a specific purpose: to secure your pool without detracting from its surroundings.

Its minimalist design and the countless color combinations will allow you to blend the cover into the landscape or, make it a focal point of your outdoor decor just like any other furniture.

Open pool cover ins summer - Coverseal system

Redefine Your Pool with Style and Security

The fully automatic Coverseal combines technology, aesthetics, and environmental consideration. Operated by wired or wireless control unit (keeping the pool within sight), it offers maximum convenience, allowing you to uncover or secure your pool in under a minute. The batteries are powered by photovoltaic panels built into the casing, rendering this cover completely self-sufficient. Both the box and the membrane are fully customizable to perfectly match your swimming pool’s surroundings.
In terms of performance, expect cleaner, healthier, and warmer water. The membrane remains perfectly taut, ensuring flawless aesthetics while also reducing photosynthesis, the primary cause of algae growth. This cover is the choice of discerning customers who won’t sacrifice aesthetics for performance.
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Pool cover in white and grey
Off-white coverseal in a castle garden
Mirror Coverseal control box - pool cover
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  • Coverseal automatic pool covers meet the strictest safety standards (NF P90-308 as of December 2013)
  • High-quality materials and unique locking system to ensure effective safety for any pool size and shape.
  • The membrane’s high resilience supports the weight of individuals, including children and pets.
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  •  Reduced photosynthesis leads to lesser algae build-up.
  • More stable pH indicators, reducing the need for chemical treatments.
  • Safer bathing experience for both adults and children (no more sore and red eyes).
  • Significantly reduces the need for daily cleaning.
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  • Lower energy costs and environmental protection
  • Sun’s rays during the day warm the cover and water through radiation transfer, leading to accumulated heat in the pool.
  • At night, the cover effectively stops evaporation, preventing water cooling 
  • In colder periods, the Coverseal helps reduce frost formation during overwintering.
Drone view - barely closed Coverseal pool cover
Drone view, half open coverseal pool cover
Drone view - barely open Coversel pool cover
Dorn view - Fulle closed Coverseal pool cover

Fully customized

Automated system

Many color options available

thickness: 0.02 in

Special feature:
remote opening

Full grey Coverseal solar-powered system


  • Wireless control with maintained contact
  • Wired control with 3 buttons
  • Rechargeable by 2 solar panels (except indoor pool = on power supply)
  • Ratchet spanner only in case of an electrical failure


  • PVC pre-stressed membrane


  • Polyurethane with stainless steel cables


  • All the metallic parts involved in the security are in anodized aluminiumand 316 stainless steel


  • Anodized aluminum


  • Polyester powder-coated aluminium, matt finished of Ral color 7037 (standard)
  • Length: min 6.5 feet -> max 91.8 feet
  • Width: min 6.5 meters -> max 39.3 feet (depending on the length of the cover)


  • Closing/opening time : 60 seconds for a length of 42.6 feet
detail of the railing system -Coverseal pool cover


Coverseal will allow you to protect your pool regardless of its size or shape, while seamlessly adapting to the finest detail of its surroundings.


Coverseal automatic pool covers are tailor-made and customizable. A selection of membrane colors allows the cover to blend into your pool’s surroundings.

color samples for the coverseal pool cover


You can also select the color of the powder-coated aluminum casing. This unique product is designed to fulfill all your needs and desires.

Off-white coverseal pool cover detail of the control box


Various options can be added to your automatic pool cover.

For instance, you might opt for an automatic closing detector to manage your water treatment unit, a specific power supply for indoor pool covers, or include actuators for navigating large obstacles or enhancing water tightness and aesthetics…

• Closing detector
• Actuators
• Specific supply for indoor pools

White and grey Coverseal in a modern residential setting - Cover Dream
Coversel in grey in a residential setting - Cover Dream
White Coverseal pool cover detail of the box.
Coverseal icon in white and light blue

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